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Lonely Boat

Discovery Call

Pick my brain (or my heart) on tips, tools, and ideas on how to live your one beautiful and messy life at a deeper, more meaningful level. Whether it’s personal or professional goals, I’m here to help positively strategize your life.


              One 50-minute session $100

Palm Trees

Package 1

We've had your discovery call, and you are ready to embark on a journey of living your best life with me as your guide.

Package 1: (1-month commitment)

  • 1 50-min discovery session

  • 3 20-min check-ins


                            PRICE: $235

Relaxing by the Water

Package 2

Package 2: (3-month commitment)

  • 3 50-min discovery session

  • 9 20-min check-ins



                              PRICE: $630

Three takeaways from coaching client Sharyl:  Carol has helped me...

  • My employee management and motivation

  • Keeping my personal and business goals in line with my values

  • Reminding me to stay in gratitude and celebrate what I have accomplished

  • And keeping a positive perspective, especially in the hard life moments.

Ship's Wheel

Package 3

Package 3: (6-month commitment)

  • 8 50-min discovery session

  • 16 20-min check-ins


                          PRICE: $1,360

 Please email me to discuss custom packages.

Sunset Sailboats


Future Pulls



$25 future pull

$15 attend only

Team Intenders

(twice a month)


$25 group coaching

Bookings coming soon.

Future Pull Attendee: Wow is the least I can say about the future pull we did. This is truly a unique and inspiring thing. You were fabulous with how you explained everything and made me feel so comfortable. I truly believed that I was living the life that was being made up for me. I envisioned myself in it. I am still excited a week later and am so looking forward to our next pull.  - Amy K.



You are AMAZING simply because you are you?

It feels good to be acknowledged by others. We are an interdependent species of helping each other on our individual journeys through life. While hearing kindness from others is delicious, the more we fill ourselves up with self-kindness, the easier it is to appreciate others’ acknowledgment rather than ‘needing’ it.

That is why I created this 21-card deck that allows you to tell yourself that you are amazing just as you are. Why 21 cards? They say it takes 21-days to create a new habit, so this deck helps you create a self-LOVE habit.

                             $20 (includes shipping)

***All sessions are nonrefundable. 

If you aren't quite ready to commit the financial investment in yourself, I invite you to join my private EMBRACE YOUR LIFE Facebook Community for weekly tips and tools on embracing your life.