Hugs across the miles

Nov.23, 2019 - Tony, yours truly and I were out offering helping hugs in Chicago as Edie was sharing them in Doylstown, PA. Frank joined us on the tail end of hugs in Chicago and while it was a cold day, it was beautiful.

Together we added 99 hugs to bring a little more LOVE, kindness, compassion, and peace to the world as we know every step forward in kindness ripples out around us.

Where we hug in Chicago is a very busy corner downtown filled with locals and tourists. As it was 'Lighting of Michigan Ave.' in the city, there was even more people than the norm. I have found in the last several years our numbers have dwindled from those joining me to offer hugs and those receiving the hugs. I'm not sure why that is and I don't need to know, as what I do know is I will continue on offering a smile, a well wish, and a hug to anyone and everyone who is there to receive it.

Come join a community of friends who are focused on embracing life, the celebrations, and the sorrows:

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