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Bring me to your audience

Bring me in to speak to your audience...

Engage me for your group, meeting, conference, online, or in-person event to bring the power of positivity to embrace YOUR life.


You are powerful beyond measure. You matter in this world of 7 billion people. It is my great pleasure to share my passion and purpose of fully embracing life with your audience. Whether a professional association, Zoom and or business meeting, or trade show/conference setting, I am ready to share how having a positive focus and a kind mindset in your life helps you personally and professionally.



The superpowers of positivity, kindness, compassion, and peace

The Power of Hugs

From Chaos to Calm

A specific talk created for your audience


I have 10+ years of event management and pr/marketing background to bring to your heart-centered business. 

Whether brainstorming ideas, creating retreats, workshops, or other projects together, I have helped other businesses grow for years. I LOVE co-creating and collaborating.

Drop me an email with what you need support on.