Engage me for your group, meeting, conference, online or in person event to share how everyone needs to learn how to EMBRACE LIFE!

You are powerful beyond measure. You matter in this world of 7 billion people. It is my great pleasure to share my passion and purpose of fully embracing life with your audience. Whether a professional association, Zoom and or business meeting, or trade show/conference setting, I am ready to share how having a positive focus and a kind mindset in your life helps you personally and professionally.



  • Kindness is your Superpower

  • The Power of Hugs

  • From Chaos to Calm

  • A specific talk created for your audience



Looking to collaborate on bringing more LOVE, kindness, and compassion to the world?

I LOVE collaborating with heart-centered people and organizations that are also focused on LOVING up the world. 


Whether it's creating retreats, workshops, or other projects together, I'm happy to discuss ideas aligned with my values, passion, and purpose.  

Drop me an email with your ideas on our collaboration, and we'll go from there. 



I don't know of a better way

to EMBRACE LIFE than through travel. 

As the world slowly unfurls its protective armor and opens to light and movement I will be planning new adventures!

All destinations will be carefully vetted and activities will be planned with safety being a top priority.

Do you have a spot you have dreamed of going to that would be a perfect EMBRACE LIFE event? Let me know.

Currently plans are in the works for a trip to Italy in 2022. This of course depends on the pandemic and possible travel restrictions.

Join me on a tour soon!