ILIANA TESTIMONIAL: I began working with Carol many years ago. She was instrumental in my development in growth personally and professionally. I had been dealing with a 'Devil Wears Prada' manager and I knew that I was not happy or contributing to my profession to my fullest potential. I very much struggled with having a voice to speak up for myself and provide feedback to my manager. Carol’s work has provided me with the mindset and tools to navigate this situation. I also realized it may be a gentle nudge of discomfort so that maybe I would consider other opportunities. Together we worked on me being open to what the Universe could bring to me. I grew to be more confident, grounded and balanced. I found my voice and my true presence on my team and workplace. I stayed consistent and as grounded as I could some days were more challenging than others. It was not very long until that manager was let go and within a year I was promoted. I really believe I was able to thrive and surpass a less than ideal situation because of the things Carol taught me to practice and incorporate daily such as mindfulness and intentionality. THANK YOU!!!!!

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