The Power of a ((HUG))


My purpose and passion in life are to help people feel seen and to know they matter. I’ve held hundreds of events over the years to help people see the good in themselves and the world. Out of all the events I have held, the ((HUG)) events are my favorite.


One way I do this is through my coaching practice. Another way is through Positive Focus, a 501c3 nonprofit I founded as well as the Global Hug Day. I’m happy to say Hug Day has grown to include Huggers on six continents, 45 countries, and 32 US states.  In 2019, I started the 1 Million Hug Movement. Why? Because I have witnessed the power of how hugs transform and help people feel seen. Imagine what over a million hugs around the world could do?  

Carol CC Miller

Why Hugs?

To share a moment of kindness with another heightening their celebrations and lessening their sorrows.

To take a moment and slow down to SEE people and acknowledge they matter.

To bring global citizens together to see our similarities rather than our differences and LOVE each other and the world up.

Hug Programs 

Global Hugs
Global Hugs is an annual event that takes place the first weekend of May to bring world citizens together one hug at a time.

1 Million Hugs Movement
The 1 million hug movement was born to bring more LOVE and connection to world citizens one hug at a time. Whether you are part of the global event, or offering hugs during the year, count them up and help grow our hugs count to 1,000,000 hugs.

GLOBAL HUGS 2022: May 6 - 8





Juan Mann - began his hug journey on June 30, 2004. Returning from London to Sydney, there was no one at the airport to greet him.  He took matters into his own hands with a piece of cardboard that he wrote free hugs on. 

In 2006, he created a video that over 78 million people have seen, and the free hug movement was born.


We are so excited to have you join us in the world hug movement!


Check out my video that will walk you through getting ready for hugs and the fun of the event.


I want to remind you that I was terrified the first time I did it and that was over a decade ago. So, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and join me on this amazing ride of LOVING up the world one hug at a time.