Awaken Your Soul Toolbox:  The Grateful Heart

I am excited to offer my 'Has anyone told you lately' cards to this Awaken Your Soul toolbox by Tara Marie Jack. Take a look at how special it is and purchase yours today.

The Grateful Heart 💗

The practice of gratitude expands the heart which expands our awareness and heightens our vibrations to tap into exciting opportunities. When we practice gratitude, we give ourselves permission to see the higher reasons why. Gratitude also eases anxieties and lowers our tensions, which creates another avenue of possibilities to flow in our lives.


The premium box includes all of the above and one of these body oils, and Tara will intuitively pick the oil just for you.

  • Queen of Wands Body Oil by Luna & Quartz

  • or Callisto Body Oil by Luna & Quartz  

The Grateful Heart Box contains thoughtfully curated items that will help
you to create a more grateful heart: 
  • Deck of Embrace Your Life cards created by Carol CC Miller that will help you become more aware of how special you are 

  • A Love Comes in All Colors bracelet by Tara Marie Jack made with Crazy Lace Agate, known as the “Happy Stone,” and Swarovski Crystals illuminates the Aura.

  • Grateful Heart Oil blend by the Happy Bee to promote positivity

  • Labradorite Heart Palm Stone promotes transformation and companion of change.

  • Mystic Veil or Night Queen Reiki & Crystal Infused Bath Bomb in a Bag by Luna & Quartz - two flavors and while supplies last.

  • Crystal Reiki Infused Candle

  • Grateful Heart Art Tutorial by Tara Marie Jack  


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