When you start moving towards your dreams,
your dreams start moving toward you.
- Carol CC Miller

Having a positive mindset takes some reprogramming and letting go of beliefs you may have held all your life.

Whether we work together on a regular basis or you get a kindness tune-up every few months, I'm here to help shift your mindset into a space of kindness and possibility. ​ 

One client called me 'her truth and her pusher' as I challenged her to step outside her comfort zone and live her truth and Embrace her Life.  ​

Here is a little of what we will explore and accomplish together!


Discover what you value most. Knowing your values informs decision making.

Discover what your must have essentials are and what you ideally desire.


Figure out where you are now and where in your heart you want to be.


Figure out how you can best reorganize your thoughts thus reframe challenges into opportunities


Customized Coaching Sessions designed specifically for you!

Every detail of your sessions and outlines will be infused with love, laughter and gratitude.

Commitment to living your best life means diving deep and discovering what is important to you, and committing to creating the space to allow your best self to show up in every experience.


While each client's desires are different, my coaching will focus on

Kindness | Gratitude | Fun | Laughter |  Growth

so you may see the beauty within your personal and professional world and


What can you expect when working with me?