When you start moving towards your dreams,
your dreams start moving toward you.
- Carol CC Miller

Let me help YOU embrace YOUR life!

Having a positive mindset often takes some reprogramming and letting go of beliefs you may have held all your life. I'm here to help shift your heart and mindset into a space of LOVE and possibility. ​ 

One client called me 'her truth and her pusher'

as I challenged her to step outside her comfort zone and live her truth and Embrace her Life.  ​

Are you ready, willing, and able to commit to living YOUR best life?

Are you ready to embrace YOUR life in a deeper and more meaningful way?

Are you ready to take a leap and LIVE your life rather than life living you?

Commitment to living your best life means diving deep and discovering what is important to you,
and committing to creating the space that allows your best self to show up in every experience. 
- Carol CC Miller


Some like to consider me a positive mindset maven. I prefer to call myself a positive heartset harmonizer. As your embrace your life guide, together we will discover the hidden gems within you that the world awaits to see and come up with inspired actions towards living YOUR best YOU. Are you ready? I AM!

Here is a little of what we will explore and accomplish together!

  • Heighten your celebrations and lessen your sorrows through a positive focus.

  • What you value most. Knowing your values informs decision-making.

  • What your must-have essentials are and what you ideally desire.

  • Hidden beliefs you have that slow you down from living the life you yearn to live.

  • Figure out where you are now and where in your heart you want to go.

  • Figure out how you can best reorganize your thoughts thus reframe challenges into opportunities



Customized Coaching Sessions designed specifically for you!

Every detail of your sessions will be infused with LOVE, laughter, fun, inspired action, growth, and gratitude.

What can you expect when working with me?