Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

klvadmin Appreciation, Gratitude


At this very moment, where are you? Are you overwhelmed in everything you need to accomplish tomorrow (future)? Are you thinking I could have/should have done that better (past)? Or are you right here, right now, being present with yourself?
Yesterday can be filled with regret that you won’t let go of, or even past successes that you hang on tight to, or simply fond memories that make you smile.
Tomorrow can be filled with I’ll be happy when I accomplish x, y, z, or fear of the unknown, or excitement on all the possibilities that are ahead of you.
Today brings new possibilities. Today brings new choices. Today brings new hope. Today brings the ability to appreciate where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are going.   

For the next week I invite you to appreciate your yesterday, enJOY your today, and look forward to your tomorrow by:
Appreciating the path that brought you to today as your path was an individual experience that only you have directly walked.
EnJOYing exactly where you are at this moment. Become aware of all of your senses and see the beauty in this amazing web of life with everything being connected. Hear the sounds around you from a drip of water from the faucet, children laughter, a car horn, or your own breath when you sit in stillness. Open your eyes and see what is in front of you. See all the colors in your environment and how they blend together. Be aware of how things taste. Don’t simply eat or drink because you are hungry or thirsty, be aware of how the food and beverage taste. Notice how things feel when you touch them; are they soft, smooth, or sticky? Breathe in the smells around you and become aware of the smell of food cooking, the smell of a flower, the smell of the rain. Pay attention to your sixth sense, your intuition. As you become aware of sight, taste, touch, and smell, you hone your own intuition of what feels right for you.
Forgiving yourself on any limiting belief you’ve held about yourself or others.

Mostly, I invite you to see today as a gift and treasure it. Whether it is a blizzard outside or it is sunny and 75 degrees, today is a gift. Whether you are witnessing a birth or a death today is a gift. It is up to you to treasure the gifts of today or put them aside and wait for tomorrow.
Until next time, today I see your gifts, do you?