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Spread Love & KindnessWill you join me in spreading love and kindness? It sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, in truth, it isn’t that easy, but there isn’t a better time than NOW to be brave, courageous, diligent and fierce and stand up tall and proud for love and kindness.

When I ask people to choose kindness, so many say ‘I always choose kindness’ and I bet 99.9 percent of those are untrue, even though they ‘think’ they do. I choose love and kindness most of the time as this is my passion and purpose to let people know they are worthy of living their dreams. However, I am not loving and kind all the time. Sometimes I’m not very loving and kind to myself. Sometimes it’s others, but it does happen.

Now before you decide to join me – and I want to HEAR FROM YOU if you are going to join me, let me explain what love and kindness means to me. The word love can be loaded with meaning and people often jump to it being a romantic love. Romance is of course amazing and needed. Love of family, friends, pets is also powerful. When I do free hugs, I used to say I was spreading love but so many felt it was sexual love, so I changed it to saying spreading kindness.

On that thought, kindness also has it’s challenges. I’ve been accused of being ‘too nice’ and therefore not seen as strong. I personally don’t believe you can be too kind. I believe that you can be kind and still say no and have boundaries on what you will and will not accept in your life. I can be kind and still disagree with others. So let me give you how I see love and kindness in context with my work and then you can decide if you are willing to be brave, courageous, diligent and fierce with me.

Love – Kindness in action.

Kindness – A inner strength of shining light upon yourself, others and the world regardless of seen and unseen circumstances.
I promise you, if you choose to stand with me, you will mess up – I sure do! But you will also clean up. You will be so focused on love and kindness that when you stray too far into fear, you will be reminded that you are brave, courageous, diligent and fierce as you ARE love and kindness.

Moving forward, spread love and kindness by:

Being gentle with yourself and others truly knowing everyone is doing the best they can with the current circumstances they find themselves in.

Being okay messing up and stepping into fear from time to time. Fear allows you to see what you don’t want, so you can return to love and kindness much quicker and more certain than before.

Sending love to those who are steeped in fear. There are certainly fearful things going on in the world right now as there has been through eternity. I am not asking you to ignore what is going on, far from it. I am asking you to stand TALLER in love and kindness because of what is going on.  Your getting angry and defiant is adding fuel to a heated topic. Feel what you need to feel, but don’t act upon those feelings. And that includes complaining about them, calling people names and demonizing people who are acting upon fear.

Acting from a space of love rather than fear. Action, action, action – I am all for action…as long as it’s coming from a space of love over fear. Dig deep and pull out your inner Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus, or any other peace leader. Fear based actions certainly have consequences, but unless you are personally involved in the situation, it’s not your job to bring down the punishment. However you can add love. And let us not forget that prayer, meditation, intention, and positive thoughts are also action steps. As is reaching out to your congressmen, senators, and local leaders and telling them how you want them to support love, peace, compassion and fairness. Click here to find out your congressmen. Click here to contact your senators. Stand up, speak up from a space of love. VOTE for those who uplift rather than tear down.

Being loving, kind and peaceful in your own life. If the global concerns are bothering you, step back from trying to solve world problems and ask how you can bring more love, kindness and peace into your world. I promise you, if we each started doing this in our own place in the world, the shift would be massive. Share your smile, share a kind word, volunteer – do something everyday that brightens the life of someone else. Little acts of kindness make huge impacts.
Focusing on what you want in your life. Start talking about what you want in your life, who you want to see in leadership roles in the government, how you want your community to be. If you are agreeing to join me, that means you will STOP calling people names…even the ones you think deserve it. Love doesn’t call names. Jesus doesn’t call names. Martin Luther King didn’t call names. Gandhi didn’t call names.

Being brave in your own life. How are you allowing fear to run your life? Look into it and see how you can be more loving and kind to you.

Letting people know they matter. The majority of people out there hurting people with words or actions are because of their own fears of not being seen, not being heard and not feeling they matter in the world. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a buildup. So before it builds up, be that person who share kindness with others. A smile is the easiest gesture you can do.

I know, I know – love can be very scary, but it is oh so worth it. You feel like you can get hurt if you love too much, but I promise you, you only get hurt if you love too little. Love isn’t asking you to pretend there isn’t pain in the world or people abusing their power. It’s asking to be brave, courageous, diligent and fierce on it’s behalf as it takes true bravery to be loving and kind. It takes true strength to be loving and kind and it take each of us doing our part to showcase love and kindness.

So are you in? I insert your name here agree to stand for love and kindness. I agree to focus on what I want in my life and in the world. I agree to be kind in my thoughts, words and actions, even with people I disagree with. I agree to focus on solutions rather than problems. I agree to see people’s hearts over their fears. I know I will mess up as will others, and I will be gentle with myself and others when we mess up. I agree to be Brave, Courageous, Diligent and Fierce knowing that LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

So are you with me?

Big hugs and mucho love,



I will focus on spreading love and kindness to all I meet.


Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” ~ Loretta Young

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” ~ William Arthur Ward
“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” ~ Mother Teresa

“A part of kindness is consists in loving people more than they deserve.” ~ Joseph Joubert




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