when my rose colored glasses take a hit

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When tragedy occurs, whether man-made or natural disaster, I pause, I question, I cry, I sometimes get mad, and other times I feel helpless to make a global difference. And yet, after I’ve let the feelings settle and the reality of what’s going on unfold, I return to believing that all is possible through the eyes of love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

When tragedy occurs, I return to my beliefs as I return to love.

  • I believe love in action is the answer
  • I believe there is far more kindness going on in the world than oppression.
  • I believe that 1 person 7 billion times is worthy of living their best lives
  • I believe in lifting up rather than tearing down
  • I believe that love heightens celebrations and lessens sorrow
  • I believe in not belittling other’s feelings for I have not walked in their shoes.
  • I believe that although I don’t have all the answers for those suffering, I do believe there are solutions if we choose to listen rather than blame.
  • I believe the smallest acts of kindness has a ripple effect on creating more kindness.
  • I believe that we all want to be seen, to be heard, and to feel we matter
  • I believe that a shared smile may not seemingly have an impact on world issues, and yet when we share a connection person-to-person we start that change on a global level.

I may not have the solutions regarding unjust situations, tragedy, or anything else that makes a person or community of people feel disconnected, however I do believe that every time we choose to SEE the person rather than the circumstance we are on the path of love. When we choose compassion over judgment we are on the path of love. When we choose forgiveness (forgiveness doesn’t remove consequences), we are on the path of love.

My rose colored glasses take a hit from time to time. Sometimes they are tarnished for awhile, while other times I am able to wipe them off quickly. I do know viewing the world from a space of love is who I am and what I strive to do even better.

I believe that YOU matter to me. YOU matter to the world. And most importantly, YOU matter to YOU.

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