when fear visited

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Fear woke me up in the middle of the night whispering ‘who are you to live a life of everything you desire.’ I whispered back, thank you fear, for you remind me to practice self love and acceptance.

Fear pulled the covers off of me exposing me for the world to see me and was I worthy of being seen. I gently thanked fear for showing me there is no need to hide as when I come from a space of love I am always warm and worthy.

Fear woke me up early in the morning to say some relationships were dissolving and moving on without me. I shuddered briefly, paused, and said thank you fear for reminding me that by loving myself I will always attract people who uplift and inspire me as I do them.

Fear visits in those quiet moments of stillness as it thinks I’m open to listening and believing it’s nonsense of my unworthiness. I close my eyes and think to myself ‘Is fear telling me the truth?” I quickly realize fear doesn’t know me as if it did, it would know that I love big, I live passionately, and although I may not always know what is coming, I know it is coming with a heaping dose of love.

Fear doesn’t visit as often anymore as it’s learning I turn to love quicker with each visit. I no longer fear Fear but rather allow it to visit as a reminder to focus on love, and then I send it on it’s way. 

Fear can visit, but it isn’t invited to move in.

How are you letting go of fear?

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