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Is it possible to live the life of your dreams? I mean your BIG dreams, the ones that others tell you are unrealistic. When things are going the way I expect them to be, the way I’ve planned them to be, the way I’ve intended them to be, my answer to that question is a resounding YES! Of course it’s possible and it’s even probable. When I’m flying high on life I relish in the infinite possibilities of the universe and get excited about where I am and what’s coming next.Believing in infinite possibilities is easy when things are going the way you planned them to be. But guess what? They are just as possible in moments of uncertainty, struggle, and challenges. I may not be able to become a NBA player with my compact height, yet if basketball were truly my biggest passion, I could learn everything I knew about it and allow it to still be part of my dream life. So what’s possible? Anything when you let go of the how and when it shows up and hold on to living today in deeper love, laughter, and happiness. 

For the next week, I invite you to follow your unlimited possibilities by:

Releasing the past of disappointment. Just because it didn’t work out last time, or ten times before only holds you back from living that dream today. 

Living in deep gratitude right now for all the love in your life as well as what is showing up as contrast as it can be used as a catalyst to move you forward quicker.

Say YES to living in love. Even if you are currently in a place of challenge, when you see people and experiences that you would like in your life, say YES, I’ll have some of that. See it as a possibility for you rather than envy or jealousy that they have it and you don’t.

Mostly, my wish for you this week is to see your worthiness in living your dream life and as you begin to feel worthy of it, worthy people and experiences will begin to fill your life.

Until next time, I see your possibilities, your potential, your passion, as I see YOU.

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