What Were You Thinking?

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What were you thinking when you woke up this morning and saw the sun peaking through your curtains?

What were you thinking when you saw the smile of your family, friends or a stranger?

What were you thinking when you were told I Love You?

Get into that space of feeling pure gratitude for you, for your loved ones and for life. Think about those moments when love was your main thought. Think about those times when peace was all around  you. Think about those times when you were deeply grateful for the moment. For it’s within those feelings of love, peace and gratitude that life becomes magical.

For the next week I invite you to think about:

The beauty and ease of life when we allow it to be. Rather than over thinking life, sit with it in deep appreciation for how love is showing up for you today.

Loving you, others and the world. Think of attributes that you love about yourself, that you love about your family and friends and that you love about the world.

Mostly I wish you a week of seeing that your thoughts are creative, so choose thoughts that will create deeper love, laughter and happiness in your life and in the world. 

Until next time, think you can, know you can and live a thoughtful life.

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