What Time Is It?

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Seconds create minutestime

Minutes create hours

Hours create days

Days create weeks

Weeks create months

Months create years

Years create decades

                                                        Decades create lifetimes

                                                  Oh how precious each second is

                                              Choose how you spend them lovingly

For the next week I invite you to choose your time by:

Taking in deep conscious breaths first thing in the morning. Set your day up for success by taking a moment to breath and appreciate simply what is right there in the moment. Your commute to work can wait, the meetings ahead will happen, take a moment to breathe into life, breathe into love, breathe into deep gratitude for simply being able to breathe.

Knowing everything doesn’t have to be done right in this moment. We often get frazzled about our to-do-lists that seemingly never end. Start your morning with a To-Be-List. Today I will be loving. Today I will be gentle. Today I will be compassionate. Today I will be filled with happiness.

As you go through your day and life (your schedule) starts controlling you, take some more deep breaths and center yourself in the preciousness of life. Think about some of the people you love most in the world and take a moment to send them a loving thought.

Mostly I hope your week is filled with knowing the more you appreciate all the little things that make up your seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades, the more loving, peaceful, vibrant and joy filled your time will be.

Until next time, spend your time in love of yourself, of others, and of life.

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