What Does The World Need?

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What in the world, does the world need? There are many organizations and causes of passionate people fighting for the world. They are fighting political lines, they are fighting (insert disease of concern here), they are fighing gun control, they are fighting hunger, they are fighting poverty, they are fighting discrimination, they are fighting for animal rights, they are fighting for the environment, and they are fighting war. Every fight has a purpose and many of them are quite admirable, but does the world truly need more fighting?

What the world needs now is love. Love shows up as acceptance, peace, compassion, beauty, forgiveness, and allowing. Love is focusing on your cause in a positive way. Love is pro-peace rather than antiwar.

What the world needs now is compassion. Compassion allows us to see the world through loving eyes. Our world is filled with a variety of religious beliefs, cultural differences, ethnic differences, and economic differences. Compassion allows you to see that at everyone’s core is a person who wants to be loved, wants to be seen, wants to be heard, wants to feel safe, and wants to be happy.

What the world needs now is to see the individual rather than the masses. See the world as 1 person 7 billion times as that personalizes the situation and removes much of the fear in differences.

What the world needs now is for you to live your highest self. When you step into your greatness, you become an example for others to step into theirs. Focus on what you want in your life rather than what you don’t want. Focus on what you want and say YES. When we place our focus towards love, health, compassion, and peace, fear dissipates, and hope rises.

Moving forward, I invite you to be what the world needs by:

Shining bright and being your best self. Apply your energy to what you want in your life.

Being love in action. Stand up for a kinder, gentler, more loving world, just do so from the place of calling it forward rather than pushing back on what you don’t want.

Loving life, and that means even your contrasting experiences as they help to define what you do want.

Appreciating the diversity offered in the world as we’re a rainbow of colors, beliefs, and ideas.

Seeing the world as 1 person 7 billion times knowing that each person has the same core desire as you – be loved, be safe, and be happy.

Mostly, my wish is for you to say YES to love over hatred, abundance over lack, compassion over judgment, health over illness, and peace over conflict.

Until next time, be the change the world seeks by saying YES to love, peace, happiness, and abundance.


I continue to live my best self daily inviting more love in.

Words to LOVE By:

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale 

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” ~ Buddha 

“What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” ~ Henry David Thoreau

 “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart” ~ Helen Keller

Sounds for the Soul:

This Is Life: Beautiful & Messy:

This week, I spoke with two different amazing love leaders, Danielle Egnew and Jeannie Selander. Danielle and I talking about what it means to lead with love. Jeannie and I talked about her amazing program at the Monroe County Florida Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm where she takes care of over 150 animals with the help of the inmates. It’s an amazing program.

Click on images to listen to our conversations.


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