What Do You Want?

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what do you wantWhat do you want? I mean really truly, what do you want in your life? Who do you want in your life? What do you want to experience in your life? I want you to stop right now while you are reading this and ask yourself ‘WHAT DO I WANT?’

When I am working with my coaching clients, I need to know what they want in their life in order to help them focus on creating it. Some of my clients come with a clear cut vision. One in particular knew she wanted to open up her own medical practice and she did. Others don’t know exactly what they want, but they do know how they want to feel, so we focus on getting them into the feeling place of living the life they want and create an inspired action plan around how they want to feel doing meaningful work, how they want to feel in their romantic relationship and how they want to feel where they live.

When you are thinking about what you want in life, are you giving more attention to what you WANT or what you DON’T WANT? When things are going well in our life, it’s easy to focus on our desires as we are experiencing some of them while looking forward to more. Same goes with how easy it is to focus on what we don’t want when we are going through a challenging time in our life. Perhaps you are unemployed or in a job you don’t like and looking for meaningful work. Perhaps you are in a relationship that isn’t working and you yearn for a deeper connection. Or perhaps you want to move because your current place isn’t right for you. Your thoughts, words and actions of today create your reality moving forward. So if you are talking about not liking your boss, the exes that did you wrong, etc. you are focusing on what you don’t want.

Use the don’t want experiences as a spring board to focus on what you DO want. Rather than seeing the don’t wants as problems, see them as the opportunity to clarify your desires. I know this doesn’t feel good, so let me now focus on what does feel good. Meaningful work with collaborative fun people feels good. A mutual respectful, caring and fun romance feels good. A home that feels comfortable and secure feels good. Begin to practice thinking, speaking and acting from a place of your dreams and desires coming true rather than from a place of fear of them not working out.

So think about, talk about, and act out what you want to create, a life filled with deeper love, laughter and happiness than you’ve ever known before.

Moving forward, I invite you to live your desirous life by:

Writing it down. Take a moment and right down what you want in your life and who you want in your life. Be as detailed as you want but rather than naming specific people (as you can only control yourself), write down how you feel about those people. Your boss is supportive, collaborative and a great mentor. Your partner respects, admires and loves you for you. Take it a step further and write down what your ideal day looks like. What are you doing? Who else is involved? Writing about your ideal day will get you in the feeling space of living it.

Say YES PLEASE when you see things that you would like in your life. Rather than being jealous that ‘Jan’ has what you want, be happy for Jan and say yes please, me too. You see a job you like -YES PLEASE, a home you like – YES PLEASE, a relationship you admire – YES PLEASE.

Look for proof. Often when we aren’t living our best life, it seems as though it won’t ever come or it’s simply taking too long and we get frustrated. Look for tangible proof that it exists. Perhaps you aren’t in your dream job, dream relationship or dream home in this moment, but you know people who are. See that as proof of the possibilities it’s coming to you.

Focus on fun and happiness. I have a couple friends who are currently in between job opportunities and it would be very easy for them to focus on lack. Now, when experiencing something that evokes fearful thoughts, words and actions, honor those feeling as if you try to stuff them, they will show up later and most likely bigger. Just don’t live there. Refocus your attention to possibilities, to proof it has happened before and will happen again and focus on anything in your life that is fun and happy. Laughter truly is the best medicine, so find reasons to laugh when you are dealing with challenges.

Mostly, I wish you a week of realizing where you place your focus is what you will attract toward you, so focus on love, laughter, abundance, happiness, peace and watch as amazing surprises unfold.

Until next time, I want you to experience the amazing life that you deserve.


I am willing to live life filled with deeper love, laughter and happiness than I ever imagined before.

Words to Live By:

“I wanted to change the world. But I have that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.” ~ Aldous Huxley

“I discovered a long time ago that if I helped people get what they wanted, I would always get what I wanted and I would never have to worry.” ~ Anthony Robbins

“The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of it’s scent nor the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.” ~ Therese of Lisieux

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