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The out of office reply was set and I was off to Mexico on a family vacation. The infinity pool, the beach, a family wedding and time with my mom will forever be treasured. I love traveling, especially to tropical locations, yet I also know that vacation is an attitude more than it is a destination.

How often are you yearning for the weekend, planning months in advance and counting down the days until your vacation? Planning for and enjoying your weekend, your time off, or your vacation is fun and deserved. Yet I encourage you to look at where you can sprinkle in that weekend/vacation feeling into your daily life.  Plan ahead and be excited about the upcoming weekend or vacation while appreciating today’s blessings. There may not be palm trees and sun in your daily life, but when you look, you will find reasons to see life as a vacation.

For the next week, I invite you to see life as a vacation by:

Appreciating the people in your life; take a moment and think of the different things that you appreciate about your family, friends and colleagues – even the ones you find most challenging.

Looking for the good in you, others and the world as when you look for good, life becomes more loving.

Mostly, my wish for you this week is to see the beauty in each moment by knowing you can’t get it back, so appreciate it, love it, look at it through the eyes of wonder and see life as a vacation.

Until next time, make sure to put the sun screen on – no reason to get burned by life.

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