Try It on For Size

klvadmin Appreciation, Glass Half Full, Gratitude, Optimist


Some people say JUST DO rather than TRY as when you are trying, you are staying in that space of trying. I get it, yet still feel trying has great value. We try on clothes to see if they fit and if we like them. We try on shoes, we try on (test) cars and we try out jobs (trial periods). I’ve tried to lessen using the word try and even to remove it from my vocabulary until I realized it is the exact word for this message. TRY things on to see if they work for you. Listen and appreciate what others say works, yet still try it on for you.

Try on kinder gentler words such as prefer rather than need. I prefer having xyz rather than I need it. Try on seeing the world as diverse rather than different. Try on speaking about health rather than speaking about fighting disease. Try on seeing from a space of love, compassion and connection and you might just find it’s the perfect fit.

For the next week I invite you to try on:

Forgiveness: it’s an easy word to say, not always an easy word to feel. When we’ve been ‘wronged’ we often want that person to feel our pain. Forgiveness allows you to move forward regardless if the other person chooses to stay in fear. Try on forgiveness.

Loving yourself: When you’ve done something ‘wrong’ rather than beating yourself up, try on that you are loved and continue to grow from mistakes. Try on love.

Mostly my wish for you is to try on the preciousness of life and to treasure it as the gift it is. Try on the concept that although we come from different places in the world, different religions, different backgrounds, we all want health, safety and love. Try on seeing that in each person you meet.

Until next time, I tried…did you?