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(For anyone who is missing a loved one, today I send love to hold you up as you mourn and begin the healing process – Carol) 

Today I awoke to understand I could no longer share a smile with you, so I will now smile at the sky in hopes for you to see it.

Today I wanted to share some good news with you knowing you would be so happy for me, so I share that news with the wind in hopes that you will hear it.

Today I wanted to hear your voice as your voice comforts and calm me, so I will close my eyes, go within and listen for your voice to cheer me.

Today life changed as the world is a different place without you. I will find comfort in our memories and solace in knowing you are watching over me. I will remember how to laugh and smile as each day passes and the tears lessen. I will speak of you often, laugh more and cry less as the days turn into weeks which turn into months and into years.

Today life moves on while a piece of me will remain and cherish the today’s of yesterday when you were still here.

Today life moved on, yet love remains.

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  1. Thank you, Carol. Ironic. In spite of all my efforts in trying to savor each moment when Mom was on earth, I didn’t realize how much of a blessing and influence she had been until after she departed.

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