This Is Life: Are You Loving What Is?

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Do you practice loving what is? I mean truly LOVING WHAT IS. Not what could be. Not how you want it to be. Not how it should be. But, what it is right in this very moment. As you know I’m a big believer in what I focus on, I create more of it (LOA). I believe in living in deep appreciation for this moment while also visualizing and seeing what I want my life to look like this afternoon, tomorrow, next month, and next year.

When I find myself not loving what is, and it happens, I am grateful for the tools I have to turn it around. One of those tools is The Work of Byron Katie. It almost seems too simple as sometimes I want to hold on to my story of ‘this isn’t right’. This week, I interviewed Paul Zavagno, a certified facilitator of The Work, on This is Life. Paul has been sharing Katie’s work with Positive Focus for several years on our Let’s Talk monthly calls and I am happy to share him with you here. I encourage you to watch my talk with Paul on ways to release stressful thoughts.

I had other great conversations this week too. I spoke with Anella Wetter on attracting your dream man. She encourages you to write down a list of 100 characteristics you want in your man and we had a great conversation on the importance of loving yourself in order to attract the right one for you. Tina and I talked about the power of words and consciously choosing works that empower us and others. I shared my thoughts on how we perceive life through our own lens.

Check one or all of them out as they are meant to help heighten your celebrations and lessen your sorrows through a Positive Focus. If you are are around weekdays at Noon CST, join me live on Positive Focus.

Big hugs and wishes of your days being filled with deeper love, laughter, and happiness.


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This Is Life: Beautiful & Messy

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