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When you are in the middle of a challenge, something that is tough and you can’t see your way out of it, do you wonder how it will end? How about when something is going great in your life, do you find yourself feeling it’s too good to be true and when will it end? 

I know I’ve felt both ways in my life and in both instances I remind myself that love never ends, it sometimes changes form and may look differently than I had expected, yet love continues.

As you know from previous blogs, I’m in the midst of a big change in my life of moving. I know it’s time and I’m excited about it and yet fear still lives here on will it be better than where I am. Will I find more joy on the other side than what I found here? And when that fear starts popping up in my thoughts, I remind myself I’ve loved everywhere I’ve lived and have brought a piece of those past loves with me to my new place. I was so excited to move to where I am now as I’ve always wanted to live where I could see the water. Here I have a glimpse of the Chicago River and it’s brought me great joy. And yet, the days right before I moved here, I sat in my old place wondering if it were possible to love it more than where I was at. I was comfortable there. I knew the sounds, I knew the expectations, and I even knew what I wasn’t fond of. As I opened the door and stepped foot in my new place, I knew I was home before I sat that first box down. 

This experience of moving on is an exciting one for me and yet fearful too…just like daily life offers us love and fear. I can choose to focus on what I’m afraid of about moving on. Or I can choose to focus on excitement and remembering all my past successes of moving and bringing in more love, laughter, adventure, and great possibilities. I get to choose how I move through love just as much as I get to choose how I move through fear.

If you are facing endings in your life, whether they are big or small, face them with great love, deep compassion, and a knowing that all will be better on the other side. Sometimes that better is immediate, sometimes you bring some of the fear along with you and it’s weeks, or months, and possibly years depending on what you’re closing, yet know that love is there to greet you. Happiness awaits you there in bigger ways than you could have imagined if you are open to receiving your endings as a new beginning. Love doesn’t end in death, in divorce, in moving, in anything. Love is who you are and if you are open to receiving love in all forms of your life: the love of your life, a loving home, a loving career, loving friends and family, and loving experiences, love will meet you there.

For the next week I invite you to allow happy endings by:

Ending self doubt as you are worthy of living life with greater love, laughter, and happiness.

Believing that goodness is alive and well in your life, the life of others, and in the world. Fear exists and allows us to refocus on how we want to feel. It only wins if we succumb to it.

Believing in the fact you deserve great romance, meaningful and rewarding work, magical experiences and happy endings. That is what is true! 

Mostly my wish for you is to know the end is near for allowing fear to lead your life as when you see through the eyes of love, you can refocus quicker on what you want in your life. Through love and letting go closed doors can re-open. Through love and letting go endings can take new shape that brings in greater happiness to where you currently are, or it moves you through them quicker to greater experiences. Through love and letting go that slammed door is no longer a failure, its an opportunity to move closer to your dreams. You deserve happy endings and the more you love the journey of life, the peaks and the valleys, the rain and the rainbows, the laughter and the tears, the more you will see the infinite possibilities of your life rather than fear of beginnings and endings.

Until next time, I believe in happy endings, are you with me? 

uplifting quotes

“True love stories never have endings.”
~ Richard Bach

“Nature is infinitely creative. It is always producing the possibility of new beginnings.”
~ Marianne Williamson

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never dies until we end. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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