Muni Syed, CEO TheMuniverse.Com


CC is an amazing coach and mentor. Her heart-centered approach to life is a constant reminder of how powerful love (and hugs) can be. With her guidance, I’ve been able to reconnect to my purpose with more depth and presence than I could ever have imagined.



Iliana Gonzalez

I began working with Carol many years ago. She was instrumental in my development in growth personally and professionally. I had been dealing with a Devil Wears Prada manager and I knew that I was not happy or contributing to my profession to my fullest potential. I very much struggled with having a voice to speak up for myself and provide feedback to my manager. Carol’s work provided me with the mindset and tools to navigate this situation. I also realized it may be a gentle nudge of discomfort so that maybe I would consider other opportunities. Together we worked on me being open to what the Universe could bring to me. I grew to be more confident, grounded and balanced. I found my voice and my true presence on my team and work place. I stayed consistent and as grounded as I could some days were more challenging than others. It was not very long until that manager was let go and within a year I was promoted. I really believe I was able to thrive and surpass a less than ideal situation because of the things Carol taught me to practice and incorporate daily such as mindfulness and intentionality. THANK YOU!!!!!

Loretta Adkins cleangetawaytravel.com

Almost 10 years ago, I had the good fortune to meet Carol on a fabulous Mediterranean cruise and we became fast friends!  When she told me about her “Free Hugs” mission I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of and I have been hugging ever since!  Carol is one of these rare individuals that has a way of lifting others up no matter what is going on around her in the world.  She has helped me immensely with keeping things in perspective, focusing on kindness and compassion, and living in the moment.

I have been fortunate enough to partner with Carol in a professional capacity when she launched her “Embrace Life” tours.  As a licensed travel agent, it was a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside Carol as she helped change the lives of other in exotic destinations!
Carol is one of the most compassionate, intuitive, kind and loving people I know.  She has an amazing gift of being able to share her wisdom and kindness with others in a way that leaves everyone better after they have been in her presence

Kathleen Moore Hypnotherapysf.com


Whether in a group setting or one-on-one, Carol’s coaching style is gentle, easy to understand and knowledgeable on the law of attraction. She is the master of reframing contrast and providing positive examples on what little shifts can be made to help you see the endless positive possibilities.



Jamie Migdal



She has given me insight and tools that have helped me immensely in both my professional and personal lives. Carol has a gift for giving support in a way I’ve never known.



Lorna Poole


I have met many people on my journey through life but big changes never really happened for me until the day Carol Miller entered my life. Her positive, inspiring leadership changed my life forever. With her personal coaching I have never looked back. Thanks to Carol, not only do I follow my

dreams, but I live it positively every day. I can’t think of a bigger reward than that.


Fenesha Hubbard


Carol radiates positivity! Her positive vibes ride high and you can’t help but be elevated when you’re in her presence. She is enthusiastic about possibilities and always finds a positive focus. I love how Carol genuinely aspires to find good in situations. If someone isn’t able to find the good, Carol will take what they can find (i.e. not good) and gently reframe it into a more optimistic perspective. Carol has served as a leader and role model for her organization’s Tuesday Teaching series, of which I am a facilitator. Because of her passion about growth, I can always count on her to collaborate after a Tuesday Teachings and share feedback.