Spiritually human?

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“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” 
~ Pierre Teilard de Chardin

I love that quote and try and remember it when I’m dealing with a challenge in my life. Yes, I too have challenges. Being positive doesn’t mean challenges don’t exist, but it sure does lessen them.

Recently I saw on Facebook someone say “You are what you eat.” It was well meaning and intended to help people focus on better health. My thoughts quickly went to the above quote that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. 

Much of my life I have gone up and down with my weight and it continues to be my biggest challenge. So if “I Am what I eat,” then am I a processed person as I eat processed food? I am in the process of choosing healthier options for myself while knowing it begins with changing my thoughts, changing my limiting beliefs that I can’t maintain it as I never have before, and begin focusing on what I can do. 

So who am I? Spiritual? Human? Processed? I choose not to identify myself as what I eat, or by my career, or by my relationships,  but rather I see myself as a spiritual being having a human experience…the good, the fear, and always the beauty in even the most challenging experiences.

 Through coaching I help people daily reframe their challenges, but have yet to have lasting success for myself on this one. If you have positive suggestions on releasing limiting beliefs and thus releasing extra weight, I would love to hear them.

Big hugs and mucho love,

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