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Have you ever thought about the role you play in life? As yesterday was mother’s day and I wished mother’s and those who play the role of mother’s a happy day it got me thinking about the roles we play.

I’m the youngest of four kids and the sister next in line is nearly five years older than me. We’ve always gotten along, of course had sisterly spats, but for all intense purposes we had and have a great sister relationship. Growing up we were very close to my dad’s brother’s family – a family of 10 kids. One of the cousins was just a few months older than my sister, yet her role in my life was more of a mother role. When at my cousin’s house, she was the oldest girl and was the one who watched over us, the one who would set the rules. Two girls, now women, months apart, yet as a child, they played different roles in my life.

What role are you playing in life? Are playing the role of victor or victim? Are you playing the role of helper or helpless? Are you playing you through the lens of love or fear?

For the next week, I encourage you to play your role in life through the eyes of:

Love for you, for others and the world knowing everyone is trying to do their best in their roles.

Gratitude for where you came from, where you are and where you are going as it’s through gratitude that allows goodness to grow.

Gentleness for you and others as when gentleness steps in amongst fear, it subsides and let’s love in.

Mostly, my wish for you is to know that whatever role you play, the moment you choose to see love over fear, health over illness, abundance over lack, and peace over conflict, your role will be filled with deep happiness.

Until next time, whatever role you play in your life and the lives of others, play it full out with love, laughter and happiness.

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