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As you are reading this, I am finishing up a cross country road trip with my soul sister as she moves to Seattle. We’ll have laughed, talked, and probably shed a tear or two along our journey out west. By now we’ve stopped at several amazing places between Chicago and Seattle to reconnect with the grace and ease of nature and stilled our heads from our chaotic albeit fun lives.

I love road trips and often find some of my greatest inspirations have come to me while behind the wheel. I always find that interesting in itself as I’m driving, so I can’t write down my thoughts…and I’m a writer! Some were fleeting thoughts that left my head before I could put the idea to paper, while others that needed to be heard remained.

Getting on the open road with a destination in mind, yet not being able to see it yet, is a great analogy of how our lives unfold when we focus on our destination while enjoying the journey. As we head to Seattle, we have GPS basically telling us the way, yet we also plan to sight see and who knows if we hit road construction or other variables that could pop up without our knowledge. At night we’ll only be able to see what our headlights allow us to see. If we didn’t believe we were on the right path, we might stop, ask for directions, or turn back and not move forward. Yet just like in life, if you believe in you and your dreams, you can start moving forward on the path towards your destination of living the life of your dreams. Along the journey there will be peaks and valleys, there will be celebrations and sorrows. There will be love and doubt, yet just around the bend…could be where you see your dreams unfolding before your very eyes.

For the next week, I invite you to journey forward by:

Believing in YOU and what brings you more love, laughter, and happiness.

Trusting your journey even when current circumstances seem to have you stuck, as its in that very moment that could provide you the clarity to your dreams.

Mostly my wish for you is to truly enjoy the journey of life and not wait to celebrate until you’ve reached the destination. Today in this very moment celebrate that you are alive and are worthy of living your best life. 

Until next time, who wants to roll away with me? 

uplifting quotes

“Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time.”
~ Lyndon B. Johnson

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
~ Lao Tzu

“To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep stepping.”
~ Chinese Proverb

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