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How is your memory? As I was looking for quotes to support today’s message, I came across one by Kelly Ripa in which she said when she’s at work she remembers what she forgot to do with her kids, and when she’s with her kids she remembers what she forgot to do at work. Seeing Kelly’s comment redirected today’s message as it got me thinking….how often do we focus on remembering (reliving) happy occasions to reliving experiences that were fear filled.

I imagine many of you have had a similar dream of forgetting your locker combination, late for class/work, etc. How many of you have dreams of celebrating a success over fearing a failure? In my experience we’ve been programmed to focus on wrong rather than right. In school, when you got a test back with 100 questions, how was it scored? I imagine it was scored as -8 rather than +92. Let’s begin to focus our attention on what we do ‘right’ and begin remembering that life is what we make it. It can be filled with love and laughter or it can be filled with fear. Focusing on the positive heightens our good times and lessens our sadness.

For the next week, I invite you to remember:

Love is the answer: In moments of celebration or despair, love is there to heighten the joy and soften the sorrow.

Kindness pays off: We all want to improve and live our best lives, kindness rather than condemnation will build a kinder world for you and others.

Mostly, I want you to remember that YOU are in the driver’s seat of your life steering towards happiness, health, love, and abundance. There are bumps and twists and turns on your journey, but each experience provides YOU the opportunity to remember you are loved and loving.

Until next time, I remember your truth, do you?

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