Perfect Moments

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Do you think of yourself as being photogenic? I must admit, I’m not the first to jump in front of a camera and prefer to be the photographer than what’s being framed by the camera lens. My eyes are closed, I’m shorter than everyone else in the picture, double chin thing, blah…blah…blah. Mike Dooley, one of my favorite authors, said he began affirming that his pictures all turn out great and now they do! He reframed his thoughts!

How does the photo album of your life look like? Has it been filled with loving, happy, fun memories. Or have you taken yourself out of the picture due to fear. Whether you feel your life is on top of the world at this very minute, or if it’s stress filled with worry and fear, you have the picture perfect moment to reframe it. 

Just like a photographer, it could be the first time you’ve picked up a camera (starting with positive thoughts), or your name might be Ansel Adams (continuing to enhance your positive thoughts), snap shot, by snap shot,  you have an opportunity at this very minute to reframe your thoughts into the life of your dreams.

For the next week, I invite you to reframe your life by:

Talking/thinking about the amazing parts of your life. Your family, your friends, your health. Talk about loving experiences.

Being gentle with yourself on the contrasting experience and realize they exist to help you reframe what you do want! By seeing what you don’t want, you can reframe as a picture perfect memory.

Appreciating where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going. Get excited about the new photographs you’ll be creating.

Mostly, I encourage you to reframe any thought that is holding you back from living big, loving big, and giving big. Cherish each moment and empower yourself to choose the thoughts that enhance your life. Choose the thoughts that make you giggle. Choose the thoughts that make you smile. Choose the thoughts that allow you to soar!

Until next time, smile pretty, as this a frameable moment. 

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