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Oh the world is beautifully messy, complicatedly simplistic, dark and light, love and feared, and it’s ours. It’s ours to hold in our hearts and embrace and allow for diversity. It is ours to choose compassion. It is ours to choose kindness. It is ours to appreciate and honor. It is ours to celebrate success, to mourn with, and to hold up those suffering as it is OURS…not theirs. We individually, one person 7 billion times can choose love, can choose compassion, can choose peace, can choose kindness.

Don’t wait for THEM to do it…it is OURS to do.

Today 8 Positive Focus huggers stood among hundreds of protesters. We each were looking for the same thing, love, kindness, and peace, just going about it differently. Many of the protesters got hugs and as I hugged them I told them to be safe. At PF, we will continue to focus on love over fear, health over illness, abundance over lack, and peace over conflict one person at a time.

Oh beautiful messy world, you are loved more than you are feared. I promise you that.

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