One Letter Makes All The Difference

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Have you ever thought about the fact the difference between beginnings and endings are a simple letter? That a simple letter is the difference between simplicity and sorrow? Who knew a letter had such power. It provides us a moment to reflect on the fragility yet strength of life. The letter I refer to…is the letter U.

Morning is beginnings a chance to start over if we aren’t where we want to be. It also provides us the chance to refresh our thoughts and enhance where we’re at.  It’s all about starts. Mourning is an ending, a time of sadness, a reflection of what was. One simple letter changes the meaning between beginnings and endings. One simple thought can also have a powerful difference between beginnings or endings. When U choose to believe in possibilities you step into a space of beginnings rather than mourning what could have been, should have been. When you believe in the goodness of life you can see that gratitude and appreciation for life lessens the periods of mourning and allows you to celebrate those who have journeyed on.

For the next week, I invite you to start your morning by:

Being gentle with yourself, others and the world as you have a fresh start to shining your best self.

Living in deep gratitude for life, even the challenging/sad moments. Gratitude allows you to truly love moments in life even if they are far shorter than you wanted them to be.

Searching for the positives in each moment, the rainbow after the rain, because where you place your focus expands.

Mostly, my wish for you is to see the fragility, preciousness and beauty of life. Find the beauty in the cold winter months. Be grateful for the humid weather. Cherish the crabby friend as you never know when it will be a good morning, or I am so sorry that you are mourning.

Until next time, rise and shine!

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