Of Course THEY Are Happy

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I’m sure you know people who seem to be happy for happiness sake. That somehow they are simply blessed and live in a bubble of happiness. Their Facebook status is always sunshine and roses and of course they never get stuck in traffic. Everything comes easily for them and they probably were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Happy people can make life look so easy, even sometimes easier than it is. I’ve certainly been told before that my life is easy and therefore I’m happy. I used to feel the need to show my life’s battle scars, relationships that didn’t work, jobs lost etc., but now I tend to agree. My life is ‘easy’ because it’s filled with reasons to be grateful. It’s ‘easy’ because I choose to realize the challenges that come up are temporary and with grace, gratitude and love, I can and will get through anything.

One of the happiest people I know dealt with a sibling’s death in their childhood. Another came out to his family at 14 and took years to reestablish a now solid family unit. Neither walks around showing their life hurts or fears. Both look for and see the tremendous reasons around them to be grateful and appreciative. Both know challenges offer clarity and deeper appreciation. They understand that happiness is a choice rather than an event.

For the next week, I invite you to be happy by choice through:

Serving - be of service to others and get out of your own situation. When you make another person feel happy, you too feel happier.

Appreciating - challenges create clarity, clarity creates change and change creates happiness.

Mostly my wish for you is to see YOU have the ability to choose happiness as it’s your birthright. Within each moment reach for a better feeling thought. If you are struggling right now, joy may feel out of reach, but hope or possibilities might be something you could obtain. One better feeling thought at a time and one day, YOU will be the person that everyone says “Of course THEY ARE happy.”

Until next time, happy sees as happy does by speaking of kindness, hearing of kindness and seeing kindness. 

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