My Hug Love Story – 8 Years and Going Strong

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My Hugs Love Story
Jan 26, 2008 – present

Dear Hugs,

46343_459128403712_4940668_nThank you for entering my life 8 years ago today. Because of you I have had 8 years of thousands of hugs. 8 years of laughter. 8 years of smiles. 8 years of celebrating birthday’s, weddings, new jobs with people via a hug. 8 years of spreading light during protests and demonstrations. 8 years of lessening sorrows of losing a loved ones or a job with a hug. 8 years of freezing, being too hot, getting rained on, snowed on and everything in between. 8 years of inviting the world to join us spreading kindness with a hug. 8 years of hearing people say ‘that made my day’ or ‘I really needed that Thank You’ or ‘That is my first hug in days, weeks, etc.’ or ‘We need more of this in the world’. 8 years of being a witness to the power of hugs.

It also marks 8 years of me stepping WAY out of my comfort zone of being afraid to be ‘seen’ and doing it anyway. Standing there with a free hug sign was truly one of the scariest things I’ve done on a public scale and it is quite possibly the best thing I’ve done for myself too, so thank you for standing there with me.

Thank you hugs for you have allowed me the opportunity to witness thousands of people and hopefully infuse their moment, their day and their life with a little kindness and positivity. And letting them know they matter to me, they matter to the world and most importantly, they matter to them.

And thank you Juan Mann for starting a movement that does heal the world – one hug at a time.

I didn’t choose the hug life, the hug life chose me.

What will the next 8 years bring? Hopefully more love, laughter, happiness and of course a world of hugs.

Big hugs and mucho love!
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