My Core Values

There is a lot in life that I value. One of my main values is to lead by example and emulate the values I find important. Here are the ten core values that I live by:

  1. Be kind in thoughts, words, and actions
  2. Lead with love and compassion
  3. Embrace life, the celebrations and the sorrows
  4. Be positive, peaceful, and purposeful
  5.  Build open-hearted and open-minded relationships with honest and compassionate communication
  6.  Have fun, be creative, laugh, and EnJOY life
  7.  Be a lighthouse and help others see through their personal storm
  8.  Be passionate, determined, and excited about life
  9. Continue to learn, grow, and adapt
  10.  Be humble and live in integrity to my values
  11. … and to HUG as many people along the way. 🙂

*Inspired by Zappos core values.