Can You Truly Capture a Moment?

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 I absolutely love taking pictures. Now I’m not a photographer, or should I say a good one as that is my sister Elaine. Mostly I capture moments with my cellphone. Everywhere I go I see photo opportunities. A leaf might catch my eye. The way the light is reflected off of a building. Sunrises. Sunsets. I take selfies with friends and selfies at hugs as I want to hold on to these moments in time, but can they truly be captured?

This past summer I moved closer to the lake as water feeds my soul. I go up on the roof of my building and look out on the lake and find calm. Or I walk over to the lake to hear the waves, see the water whether it be moonlight or sunrise. I might take 30 pictures to get that ‘one’ that is a keeper to post onInstagram or Facebook. When I am taking the picture, I’m in awe of the beauty, uniqueness, or simplicity of whatever I am trying to capture. That is especially true when photographing the moon or sun. It’s as if I’m transfixed and feel the need to bring the beauty from the sky into my phone for me to remember it by. Sometimes, I get a little frustrated because even the best picture I take pales in comparison to the vividness of that moment. Whether it be a picture of nature, a free hug picture, or pictures of family and friends, the lens simply can’t capture the life of the moment.

During one of my recent pull the car over and take a picture moments, I realized I can’t fully capture the essence of where my eye is drawn as it isn’t meant to be captured…it’s meant to be appreciated, to be loved and to be experienced. With that realization the frustration of ‘the perfect shot’ left me and I stood for a moment enjoying the sun reflection on the water. I snapped a few photos that weren’t worthy of sharing, but it was okay as I took a snapshot in my mind’s eye to remind me that I did pause and take a moment to truly appreciate the beauty of life. The beauty of nature. The beauty of family. The beauty of friends. The beauty of kindness. The beauty of love.

Now I will continue to take pictures as I do love to share what I find beautiful – which is a lot. I enjoy sharing my take on life, on love, on laughter and on kindness. I actually just bought a new ‘real’ camera to take on a trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon this week in order to better capture moments. However, I will now truly focus on the beauty, the love, the laughter, the people rather than focusing on capturing it for a memory. I will snap a few shots with my camera, but I will embed the vibrancy of the moment in my heart and mind. As when I look back at my photos, I realize rather than seeing the physical picture, it has led my mind back to that very moment in time where I paused and fell in love with life all over again.

Moving forward I invite you to pause and love the moment by:

Slowing down and really seeing everything around you. Listen to the sounds. Smell the smells. Touch and embrace the moment. Truly every single moment is different and the more you pay attention to the little things, the more you will fully embrace the beauty in each moment.

Being okay with imperfection. The picture isn’t going to be perfect and frankly the moment isn’t perfect either. True perfection comes when you allow yourself to find grace and ease in the imperfections of life. There is great beauty to be seen there if chosen.

Mostly, my wish for you is to realize you are worthy of living a life filled with deeper love, laughter and happiness moment by moment.

Until next time, live each moment as if it were your last.


I choose to live life in love, moment by moment.

Words to Live By

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”
~ Cesare Pavese
“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”
~ Tony Robbins
“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”
~ Caroline Kennedy

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