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How is your memory?  

When someone transitions that meant a lot to us, we often forgive and forget perceived wrong doings, and focus on the joys that they brought to us. We focus on the laughter and love they shared with us. When someone leaves us do to divorce, break-up etc., we often focus on all the perceived wrong doings and focus on the pain they shared with us.

If we could remember that everyone in our lives serve a purpose whether it’s a season, a reason, or a lifetime, perhaps we could live happier and healthier lives today in this moment. How would your living relationships change if you realized they served a purpose or they wouldn’t be part of your life to begin with?

For the next week, I invite you to remember to:

Love you, others, and the world. When you approach the day from love, relationships and experiences become easier and better.

Be gentle with yourself and others by knowing everyone is doing the best they can in the moment. Take a deep breath, know that it’s an experience you get to choose to see as good or bad, and be gentle.

Mostly, I wish you a week filled with making happy and loving new memories for yourself and those you love. When you go about your day knowing you are the creator of your experiences…the good and the perceived bad ones, you are empowered to create a happier and healthier day…you know, the kind of day you deserve!

Until next time, my memory is pretty good. How about yours?  

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