Is Wonder Woman Wonderful?

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One after another after another, I was hearing that Wonder Woman was a ‘can’t miss’ movie. So off I was to see it on the opening weekend. I wanted to see it and I also wanted  to support a female driven movie on opening weekend.

The reviews were on point – with showering the movie with praise. And there is a lot in the movie that I agree with and loved, and yet, it’s not my idea of a true WONDER woman. Let me explain…

Should you see it? Yes.

It is getting RAVE reviews and I can absolutely see why. If you like super hero movies, this one is stellar. If you don’t mind violent scenes, you’ll like the fight scenes. There is humor in it too. And let me not forget Chris Pine.

I’m personally torn as I liked it on so many levels and was disappointed on others.

First – I am not a super hero comic book person, so there is that.

Second – The more I focus on love, kindness, and compassion, the less I can handle seeing violence, and the movie is full of good versus evil fighting. As far as violence goes, I think they did it without over the top gore (well, my eyes were closed for most of it, but what I saw seemed to be tame for violence).

Third – The heroine, Gal Gadot, is breathtakingly beautiful and did an outstanding job in the role showing strength and heart (minus the fighting scenes). However, the villain (one of them) female was disfigured – who equally was good in her role, I just wished it didn’t have to be beauty (good) and disfigure (bad). And I’m a little surprised that a female driven movie would use that analogy.

Fourth – I personally feel a Wonder Woman can create positive change in the world without violence. I felt that way with the movie Avatar too. I loved the message in that movie on ‘I see you’ and yet felt the highly evolved beings wouldn’t have resulted to fighting at the end. I know, I know, I know…those scenes are necessary to have a blockbuster hit.

With that said, I am beyond excited that a female driven movie that is also directed by a woman is doing so well at the box office – especially one with a strong female lead. I knew going in there would be violence and that I’m not a super hero fan, but I absolutely wanted to support the movie on the opening weekend.

I look forward to seeing portrayals of strong, powerful, kind, compassionate, and loving women (and men) creating positive change in the world without the need for violence. It may only show up in the independent theaters, but I will be there. #wonderwoman

Here is to all the wonderful women and men in the world who are creating change in peace. Now, that is true WONDER to me.

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  1. Hi Cynthia – thanks for the comment and yes we can learn from each other. I am not a comic book person, so I don’t know the background of Wonder Woman. I did love her heart, I just wished violence wasn’t the answer, but I do get it.

  2. While I agree with you on many of these points, points two and four bother me. She was raised to believe her mission was to stop War even to the cost of herself. She avoided violence as long as she could, but she was literally fighting War. It hurt her very much to reach that point where she found that the violence was unavoidable. As far as the disfigured villain figure, Dr. Poison, I agree this was a misinterpretation from the 1942 comics. Thank you for your review. We can all learn from one another.

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