I Need a Hero

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We all need a hero, right? If our politicians solved the (insert name) crisis, they would be our heroes. If corporate leadership would put more attention to people over profit, they too could be our heroes. If our religious leaders would join together and promote peace in unity, they too could be heroic. If the next door neighbor mowed your lawn, wouldn’t he/she become your hero?

Often we look for outside sources to be our heroes and sheroes. Having people to look up to allows us to see that potential within us. Rather than expecting or waiting on others to be heroic, look within and become that hero for your family, your friends, your community. Frankly – become that hero for YOU! 

When we start seeing small steps forward as heroic efforts to become that which we want to be, well then, that is where true change can take place. Little by little, one small step connected to the next allows politicians to work together, companies to start seeing the benefits of valuing their team, and religious communities to realize all communities benefit when diversity and love shine bright. 

For the next week I invite you to become a hero by:

Speaking about all the good in the world – If you find a ‘don’t want’ in your life, talk about the opposite of that and make it into a positive statement.

Helping someone up – whether it’s figuratively or literally, help someone up. Give them a hand, share your abundance, give a hug, and simply let people know they matter…especially if they are facing challenges. 

Doing what you want to see the world become even if it seemingly seems small. You want world peace, be peaceful in your world. Rather than pointing fingers, put your fingers to work on solutions rather than problems in your world. 

Mostly, I wish you a week filled with the realization that you are a hero each moment you have the courage to live your highest self. Each time you stand up for what you believe in through compassion and love. The world needs heroes like you!

Until next time, look in the mirror to see a hero.

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