i am thankful….are you?

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Have you ever truly taken the time to sit in a state of thankfulness? I mean really get into what being thankful means? What feeling thankful means? We often say we are thankful for our family, friends, health, etc., but have you taken time to think of your family and friends individually and be thankful for what they mean to you. Have you thought about your health in the manner of being grateful that your feet get you to where you need to go. Your back supports you in all you do. Your lungs allow you to breathe deeply and your heart not only pumps blood to your body but is the core of who you are? I encourage you today and everyday to think, speak, and act from a state of deep thankfulness.

For the next week I invite you to be thankful for the:

People in your life. And that includes those who are different than you and might appear challenging or down right difficult. It’s those people, if you allow them to, open your eyes to new ways of thinking. And sometimes they are simply a reminder of who you don’t want to be if they come from deep fear. All is well.

Experiences in your life from the good to the fearful. It’s easy for us to be thankful for all the ‘right’ things going on in our life and in the world, but when you are thankful for fearful experiences (challenges, uncertainty, change, etc.) then you don’t allow fear to consume you. You see these experiences as a simple way to return to what you want rather than focus on what you don’t.

Mostly, my wish for you this week is to step into a state of deep thankfulness for love, laughter, tears, happiness, overcoming fear and simply knowing that everything in your life makes you YOU.

Until next time, I’m thankful for each of you as well as deeply honored.

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