How to Keep Faith When You Are Feeling Down

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hold on and have faithOne of my passions in the work I do through positivity coaching and my organization Positive Focus is to remind people that being positive heightens celebrations and lessens sorrows. Being positive doesn’t mean your life is going to be perfect and sunny all the time, but it does mean that when things are hard a positive person digs deep and places their focus on the good in the situation, they focus on the love in moments of fear, and they allow themselves to feel their fear-based feelings and move forward quicker. A positive person places their focus on faith that this experience is lifting them up to greater heights even if it seems to be tearing them down.


Let me share a personal example of how I stay positively focused with faith, an example that happened because of Global Free Hugs.  It’s my favorite project and passion to spread global kindness and it brings me great joy while it also brings me frustration. I’ve personally witnessed great transformation in people who have come and received hugs locally in Chicago. I had a man tell me that seeing and receiving hugs from us kept him from ending over a decade of sobriety as he was headed to the bar because he was feeling bad about his life.  I wept with and hugged an elderly woman who told me she just buried her husband and how she missed his hugs. Many of my huggers have told me how it has transformed their lives by joining me to give hugs. I have faith in the power of hugs, the power of touch and simply the power of kindness.  However the project is my passion, it also brings me frustration on ‘I should’ get more huggers, “I’m not doing enough,” etc. When the ‘scared little girl’ in me shows up I am reminded to step back into faith of why I do what I do.


Tutu (2)Global Free Hugs has offered me my ‘go to’ example of how keeping faith allows things to unfold in magical ways. When I started the project I simply went online and researched people and organizations that I thought would jump at the chance to join us as their missions were so aligned. I emailed more than you can imagine and heard back from a few and didn’t hear back from many. I had recently heard Archbishop Desmond Tutu speak at The Fetzer Institute and fell in love with him.  So I emailed his info and a week later his assistant informed me that he wanted to participate. He joined us for two global hug events and I even received a personal email from him. Here is a globally recognized man and he said YES to me and my new little kindness initiative.

When I begin to feel something isn’t working in any part of my life I return to how a simple info email got a YES. That faith has kept me moving forward with global hugs even when my ‘little girl self’ says I’m not making a big enough impact. I need more locations globally. I need, need, need it to look the way I WANT it to look, rather than knowing it’s perfectly imperfect in this very moment. It is in moments of wishing it were bigger faster that I am reminded to step back and see the faces I’ve seen in the seven years I’ve been offering hugs. Faces that lit up because of a shared hug with a stranger. It is a reminder to me that just like how positivity heightens celebrations and lessens sorrow, so does faith.

Whether you are losing faith on living your life filled with purpose, passion and possibilities I invite you to move forward by: 

Focusing on the general feeling of what you want in your life. You may have a job title in mind, a specific company you ‘have’ to work for, or you know who you want to be with as a romantic partner and yet it hasn’t manifested. Step away from the specifics and step forward in faith by focusing on how you want to feel doing the work you love and how you want to feel in the relationship of your dreams. When you step into the feelings rather than the specifics you allow things to unfold with grace and ease and in bigger ways than you can imagine. And often by releasing how it’s supposed to unfold will allow it to unfold the exact way you want.

By being gentle with yourself and know that even the challenges are steps forward in your faith of living your dream life rather than steps backward. It is in our challenges that we gain clarity on what we do want as we know what it feels like experiencing what we don’t want. Faith is knowing all is well or at the very least all will be well.

Focusing on love over fear. It’s easy to have faith, be positive and be loving when things are going well in our lives. It’s when we face our challenges that we need to be hyper vigilant to stay on course and focus that our thoughts, words and actions come from a space of love. When things are going well, live in a state of appreciation. When things are showing up as contrast, step up your appreciation knowing the experience is there to help you grow not to help you fail.

Surrounding yourself with people who see the best in you and want the best for you. Be that others as well as it’s when we extend our love for others is when our own love grows even deeper.

Mostly, I encourage you to love life deeply. Love and appreciate the beautiful moments. Love and appreciate the fearful moments knowing they are there to bring clarity not condemnation. Faith is there in moments of deep love as well as deep sorrow. Know that, feel that and breathe that in.

Until next time, I have faith in you, care to join me?


I greet each day with faith, purpose, passion, possibility and positivity.

Quotes to Uplift & Inspire

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

~ Mother Teresa

“Faith is a passionate intuition.”

~ William Wordsworth


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