How to Be Certain During Uncertainty

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11905798_10204785928064126_7310183050951257954_nWhen life is moving forward exactly as we planned, certainty comes easily. How about when life is unfolding in ways you didn’t expect? Or when life is showing up in ways you didn’t want? How can you move forward knowing that your life is blessed with utmost certainty in those situations?
All of my clients come to me for guidance on one of three things, and sometimes all three. They come to me regarding health, career and relationships. Some of them are flying high and want to stay in that space of focus. Others are struggling and want guidance and assurance that living their best life can and will happen. Most of them are somewhere in the middle of struggle and celebration. All of them have moments of each and that is why my job is to heighten celebrations and lessen sorrows by focusing on the positive. Regardless of where they currently are in life, whether celebrating or struggling, all what to know with certainty that they matter and that they are worthy of living their best life, especially when challenges occur.
Recently one of my clients sadly came to the realization her romantic relationship of several years wasn’t what she thought it was, what she had hoped it to be, who she thought he was, and therefore she chose to end it. As with any relationship there were ups and downs and we had discussed it in our sessions previously. She had worked on it. They had worked on it. The day she told me it was over, she said she heard me in her head saying ‘you will know when it’s over’ and she did. Was she sad? Absolutely and she still is and yet she knew she gave it her all. She knew to be in the type of relationship she wanted and deserved, she needed to end this one. She knows she needs to mourn and heal and understand that this period of uncertainty will shift from contrast to clarity. She needs to realize that uncertainty is simply a form of fear that when allowed, shines light on what it is you do want through showing you what you don’t want.
Moving forward, I invite you to face uncertainty by focusing on how you want to feel in your body, how you want to feel doing work you love and how you want to feel with your lover. Face your uncertainty by:
Knowing you are deserving of living in a healthy body. Whatever struggle you are going through, ask yourself how you want to feel and place your focus there. Often when we have a physical ailment it’s hard to not focus on that ‘knee’ (or whatever is bothering you) hurting, and yet its possible. Thank your body for what it does do for you and shower it in gratitude. While I am a big believer in your thoughts creating wellness, if you are dealing with a big health issue please seek professional guidance that YOU are comfortable with.
Knowing you are deserving of meaningful and fulfilling work. Whether you are in a seemingly dead-end job, looking for work, or trying to figure out what you want to do, focus on how you want to feel more than focus on a job title. Ask yourself what kind of people do you want to work for and with. Feel what it would be like to be in a creative, collaborative, fun environment where you were valued. Step into gratitude for where you are right now, even if it’s being grateful for showing you want you don’t want as the state of gratitude is the perfect energy to create and be ready for a fantastic new opportunity whether it’s where you are currently or a new role.
Knowing you are deserving and worthy of having the most amazing romantic partnership.Whether you are currently in a relationship or seeking one, get into the feeling place of what that looks and feels like to you. He or she is kind, passionate, compassionate, driven, trustworthy, fun, a good communicator, and you have great chemistry with – whatever qualities you want in your partner. And although not fun, it’s our past partners that help us define what we do want. Be those qualities you are looking for in another.
Mostly, my wish for you is to truly breathe in your worthiness for living the best possible life filled with deeper love, laughter, abundance, health and happiness. It doesn’t matter what your yesterday looked like as that is the past. It doesn’t matter what your family and friends believe your life should look like, as it’s your life – choose it with love.
For that, I am certain.


I live boldly, love deeply, laugh often, hug longer and smile bigger.

Words to Live By

“Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.”
~ Dan Millman
“The problem with certainty is that sometimes it can sound cold and heartless, although it is the most compassionate and supportive answer.”
~ Yehuda Berg

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