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How can I help you? One of my favorite things to do is to help. That’s why I love our Gives Back events, but when I need to ask for help myself, all of a sudden it’s not as fun or comfortable. I feel it’s such an honor to be able to help others and often say it’s the most selfish thing I do is giving back as I get so much in return. But when it’s my turn to ask for help, giving someone else the privilege of feeling that honor that I feel isn’t my first thought. My first thought is often “I wish I could do this myself” and not wanting to be a burden. 

This often comes up for me when trying to reach for something. Being vertically challenged, a lot is out of reach for me. In the grocery store, the top shelf is either tippy toes or hope the item I want is sitting on the edge, or I walk past and leave without it. Of late I have been asking another customer for help reaching the item in need. What I have received from these people is far beyond the item handed to me, I receive the look of someone very happy to help or at the very least not feel like I’ve burdened someone. It’s been a huge lesson for me reminding me that helping is a two way street – helping others is amazing, but also important is receiving help when needed.

For the next week, I invite you to help by:

Sharing your strengths with others

Asking for assistance with areas you are weaker in

Being kind and gentle with those you help and with yourself for seeking help.

Mostly, I wish you a week of realizing the power of service of others and service for you. Giving can’t happen without a receiver and receiving can’t happen without a giver. Allow yourself to experience the grace and gratitude in both aspects.

Until next time, help yourself to living life fully.

Big hugs and mucho love,

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