have you had a change of heart?

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Why is it that we fear change so much? Even change that we know is for our good, our betterment, yet it is often received with uncertainty and discomfort. Sometimes change isn’t wanted, but most of us have experienced that type of change and when we reached the other side of it, can see the beauty in why it happened. When I am coaching clients whether it is on personal or professional goals, I encourage them to FEEL what the outcome will feel like; to SEE what it will look like and mostly to BE grateful and appreciative along the creation of the goal.

My goal (life purpose) is to encourage millions of people to live the life of their dreams as I live mine. I know my purpose as I can FEEL it in every fiber of my being. Yet, I too can constrict and become uncomfortable when what I think is the perfect equation to serving the world changes. The mentor hat flips to the mentee hat and I remember through my years of coaching that I’ve remained steadfast in my passion and purpose and to let a perceived setback negatively influence my vision…my mission…my heart would be crazy. I can easily see that in others and now I see it in me.

For the next week, I invite you to embrace change whether wanted or not by:

Loving what is by knowing every door opening and closing is an opportunity to step deeper into love and commitment to living life to your fullest.

Gratitude for the discomfort as its in those times that show you want you don’t want and allow you to reframe it into what you do want.

Gentleness for yourself and being okay with uncertainty as your heart and soul know that all will be well as all is well.

Mostly, my wish for you is to fully FEEL you are powerful beyond measure and by staying on course to living your dreams you will allow the potholes along the process to be just that…potholes and not game changers.

Until next time, change can equal restriction or expansion….choose expansion!

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