Happy Make Dreams Come True Day!

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Happy Make Dreams Come True Day!

What a great and fun holiday if you ask me. I just became aware of it today, but it is now marked on my calendar moving forward! So what steps will you take today (and tomorrow) to start stepping into your dreams? I’d love to hear them.

Here are five steps I recommend:

  1. Write down your dreams. Write them down from the smallest dream to the largest dream that you have no clue how can happen but you would love it to. Write from a place of wonder and awe. Write from a place of hope and possibilities. Write from a place of love. Don’t think about how they are going to happen, just write what you dream about happening. You can also create a dream board by cutting out or printing out pictures that reflect your dreams.
  2. Be selective with who you share your dreams with… even selective of those who love you. Often we share our nearly defined dreams with loved ones because we are excited about them. Next our dream is met with a ‘how are you going to do that’ or even more disheartening ‘you can’t do that.’ Often those who love you aren’t saying it because they don’t believe in you even though it may feel that way. They are saying it because of their own fears and wanting to protect you from possible disappointment. For many it’s easier not to dream big rather as the fear of it not happening consumes them far more than what it would be like to truly live boldly. So share your dreams with your cheerleaders in your life. The ones who say ‘go for it.’ The ones who say ‘I am so excited for you.’ Now these friends can still ask questions about the how’s and why’s as that is simply where our brains often take us. But they will say it from a space of excitement rather than dread.
  3. Take a small step daily putting yourself in the dream. Read what you’ve written down. Take a few moments a day and visualize yourself in the dream. See yourself living the dream rather than waiting for it to happen. See yourself doing the meaningful work you desire. See yourself with your arms wrapped around your romantic partner. See yourself on the vacation of your dreams. Breathe in from that space. One of my favorite mentors and friends, Mike Dooley, recommends five minutes a day. I soemtimes just do a minute, but do something.
  4. Do a future pull. Get together two or three of your cheerleader friends and do future pulls. A. Share 5 to 10 ‘this is what my dream looks like’ information with your friends. B. Let them ask questions to clarify what you are dreaming about. C. You the dreamer sit and simply listen as your friends begin to talk to each other (not you) about how amazing you ar doing – specifically about that dream. By listening to them talk, it truly puts you in the space of living it! And those doing the future pull for you will also feel the positive energy from it. You can take turns or just do one person, as everyone involved will walk away feeling lifted.
  5. Step into appreciation for where you are today. Yes, even the parts of your life that are challenging as when you can find the good in it, the challenge dissipates even if it’s just a little bit. The more you focus on appreciation, you will begin to see more reasons to appreciate. It takes practice, so don’t give up after a day or two. Give it a good 21 days of focused appreciation and you will find you are living the dream simply through appreciation.

So go out there and make your dreams come true. Allow your dreams to unfold in the perfect timing in ways that you couldn’t even imagine. Say thank you as often as possible and remember that you are worthy of living your dream life.

Big hugs and much love,


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