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This past weekend I got together with some great friends in celebration and we played a game called Catalyst. Catalyst is a non-competitive board game that propels your thinking beyond its limitations, into a realm of greater insight and inspiration.

 There were 6 of us which was perfect as that is the most who can play at one time. I chose the yellow marker to represent PF and the sun. You choose a category to inquire about (finance, career, relationships, etc). Then you roll the dice and move around the board, landing on spaces to draw particular cards. My first card I drew was one that in the moment didn’t really make sense to me and I don’t recall it word for word, but it was about stop controlling the outcome. 

Today, after I got off Skype with someone who is excited to be part of Positive Focus it came to me, I needed to let my baby grow. Positive Focus is my passion, my purpose, and my baby, yet in order to allow her to grow, I need to loosen my grip. When a baby first arrives, it needs its mom (or the nurturing caregiver) to provide love, security, and a foundation on which to stand on. Babies become toddlers and eventually go off to pre-school, grade school etc. and have new influences helping them to evolve into the person they are meant to be. If I live in fear that I’m the only one who loves PF enough to care for her well, then she can’t grow into what she’s meant to be. New people have come and gone at PF and I’ve gotten better over the years on letting others love my baby, yet I still feel I need to be the one tucking her in each night. 

Today – I know it’s time to see that PF has grown into a strong, confident, and kind organization and it’s time for her to grow and fly as others mentor, support and nurture her. Am I leaving PF – HECK NO! Yet I am allowing in new care givers who may think, speak, and write differently than me, yet at the end of the day they are heart-centered people who are the godparents of PF and want to see her flourish just as much as her momma.

I am proud to be your mom and excited to see where you go in life.

Grow Baby Grow!
Your mom,
Carol – PF Founder & Vision Keeper

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