Graduation Day

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Graduation day is filled with anticipation, excitement and anxiety of the unknown ahead. There are the congratulations, the parties and then the feeling of what’s next enters. I remember when I graduated from high school; I knew exactly what I wanted. However, I was unsure how to make it a reality. I wanted to do public relations for the St. Louis Cardinals. I studied communications/public relations and got an internship in PR for their minor league team. I was on my path, yet I didn’t realize then, that life is a journey not a destination.

At 18 my destination was St. Louis working with my beloved Cardinals. I never reached that destination. My journey was filled with experiences that could be perceived as lack of self confidence, bad relationships, and unfulfilling jobs. Yet during those years of discovering who I always was, there was LOTS of love and laughter mixed in. I don’t regret one moment of self doubt, broken heart, or fear based choices as each moment brought me greater clarity. Each experience gave me the opportunity to define who I was and who I was becoming. Had past boyfriends worked out, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Had past jobs been great opportunities for me, I wouldn’t be leading an organization I was born to lead.

So whether you are graduating from high school, college, a job, or graduating from a relationship that wasn’t working, know each step is part of your overall journey and doesn’t define you as a success or a failure.

For the next week I invite you to graduate into your highest self by:

Seeing every experience through a lens of love; the good, the bad and the ugly all offer you an opportunity to love life bigger.

Appreciating the challenges you go through as simply an opportunity to refocus on what you value in life rather than focusing on fear. Appreciation is easy when life is showing up in celebratory ways, so dig a little deeper and appreciate all of you.

Mostly my wish for you is to realize wherever your journey in life takes you, it’s filled with great opportunity to love and live full out. Become a doctor. Become a janitor. Become a mom or a dad. Become what brings you the greatest happiness as the world is a happier place when you are happy.

Until next time, go Cardinals! And I’m not paid to say that. :0)

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