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Where do you place your focus? Do you focus on love, compassion, and positive solutions? Or do you focus on fear, judgment, and problems? It’s easy to catch ourselves on the big things we focus on and easily know we are coming from a space of love or a space of fear.

How about when we share news about other people, other events…especially when it’s people and events that we don’t even know. Are we choosing to focus on good then?

It is easy, and sometimes seemingly fun, to talk about when people fall, or are coming from such fear that they cause problems. It’s easy to judge and speak poorly of them as if it bolsters up who we are and what we do. 

Our pop culture seems to relish in the ‘bad’ boys and girls stories to share and talk about and how their arrogance is off the charts. And perhaps it is, or perhaps it’s because they live in such deep hurt and fear themselves, they speak from what they know – fear and hurt.

Another Kanye West tirade has been in the social media outlets and frankly I find the backlash as sad as what his actions were. His actions certainly were in poor taste and worst case scenario hurtful. I won’t provide space for his story here, but I will ask is it possible to love rather than judge? Is it possible to forgive rather than condemn? 

People who are hurting, hurt others. Is there consequences to their actions? Absolutely, yet public scorning isn’t as much of a consequence as it is adding fuel to the flame and joining the hurt person in a space of hurt…reacting without thought for who our words hurt…who our actions hurt is creating a space for more hurt rather than healing. Ask yourself ‘does it feel good to talk poorly about someone?’ I suspect if you truly thought about it, you would realize even if you felt it was justified, your frustration level raises, and you find yourself filled with more bitterness rather than more love.

People who are loving, love others. Do people coming from a loving space stand up and say Go Kanye and speak your truth? Not if it’s coming from fear, yet love speaks of love. Love stands up tall while those hurting move through their hurt. Love says no respectfully. Love also shares stories of people shining bright as they focus on the vast goodness the world has to offer.

I practice kindness daily – meaning being aware of my thoughts, words, and actions. I check in with myself and ask if my thoughts, words, and actions feel good or if they are creating more fear in my life. I check in on my energy and remember my energy not only influences my day, it also influences those I come in contact with…whether it’s loving or fearful. 

So where is your focus? You too can practice kindness as part of my #ichoosekindness campaign. Ask yourself before speaking and acting are these words and actions bringing more peace and love in my life and in the lives of others? Is sharing stories bringing about conversation of positive solutions or further flaming the problem being discussed.

Fear hides in the small and big judgments we make of ourselves and others. Fear is throwing a two-year-old tantrum shouting “SEE ME SEE ME.” Love hides there too, waiting patiently, knowing when you are ready, you will discover that love is the answer and shows up in beautiful ways…when you focus on good.

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