First Things First

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We often strive to be first at something from competing in school, sports and the workplace. We want to be number one in the hearts and minds of our boss, colleagues, coworkers, family and friends. This weekend I saw the movie “#42” which took me on a journey of the ultimate #1. Being first and paving the way for future generations behind you. Whether you are the first black athlete to play major league baseball, the first woman to go up in space, or any other ground setting firsts, it comes with hurdles that seem insurmountable. It comes with a great deal of obstacles and resistance. Yet it also comes with an inner knowing that you have to do it, you have to be it, you have to live it. If not for that inner fire to chart a new path, you would step aside to let someone else pave the way.

You can be that person to chart the path for others to follow by being your best. Be first in your life by showing up as your best self in any given situation.

For the next week, I invite you to be first by:

Being first to forgive and be forgiven; forgive yourself, forgive others, and forgive the situation you find challenging.

Loving what is and seeing the best in you, others and the world.

Mostly, my wish for you is to realize you deserve to be first in your life and shining your light for others to follow. Being your best self (First) comes with challenges, comes with obstacles and resistance, but you know what else it comes with? It comes with an inner knowing of deserving to stand tall and shine bright.

Until next time, who is on first?

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