Figuring it out as I go

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I’ve finally been working on my own website and decided to do it myself as I’d helped others just enough on theirs, that I thought I had a good (well, okay so so) handle on what to do.

Purchasing the domain – easy breezy.

Choosing WordPress – Both PF NFP and PFP are via WordPress and I do quite a bit of the editing there, so again – easy choice.

Starting from scratch – a wee bit more challenging. Talented website designers gave me the canvas which to work from on PF and PFP. But to start with my own canvas? I wanted it done now. I wanted it done perfectly. I wanted to make it work.

Then I took a deep breath, asked for some guidance, asked my Facebook family if they knew what I needed to do and presto – help was on it’s way.

Just as life goes, you simply figure it out as you go. If you are waiting for it to be the perfect weather, the perfect date, the perfect guy/girl, the perfect xyz, then you simply might miss the joy in the journey as you sit and wait for the destination to be clear for you to proceed.

I’ll keep figuring it out as I go living my life in happiness, appreciation, and love. That seems like a pretty good journey to me. Are you in?

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