Embrace the World

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius

Hi there! Carol CC Miller here and I’m excited to introduce you to my new adventure ‘Embrace the World Tours,’ where each year we’ll discover a new place, share some laughs, food, good times, some optional positivity exercises, and hugs while we fully embrace life. Ever since I began this journey with Positive Focus, especially when I created Global Free Hugs,  I have yearned to bring my passion of travel and giving back together. The time has come to fully embrace the world by getting out there and seeing it and loving it up. We will be giving free hugs as we travel the world.  Hugging optional. 🙂

I have teamed up with my friend and life lover, Loretta-Maria of Clean Travel Getaway to create magical experiences wherever we find ourselves in the world.  Loretta has been organizing trips for seven years and we actually met on a destination trip. Together we will create experiences that will open your hearts, your minds, and your arms to living your life full out .

So won’t you join us on our inaugural adventure? You say YES and we’ll do all the planning. Our first trip is quite exclusive as we are limiting participation and keeping our group small so we can enjoy some intimate experiences and go where big groups cannot.  For this reason, space is extremely limited, and it will be first come first served for all spots, including on deck cabins.  Don’t wait to guarantee your space on this amazing adventure.

Although this is our first Embrace the World Tour, we’ve both been around the block. 🙂 Loretta-Maria is a veteran travel agent and has been operating her own successful agency for the past 7 years. I’ve traveled with her in Europe as well as spending time with her in Key West. CLICK HERE to experience what others think of past adventures organized by my talented friend. (note: although Clean Travel Getaway focuses on health and wellness travel and includes no alcohol in their itineraries, you will be able to purchase adult beverages throughout our adventure, they simply aren’t provided in the trip cost.)

First stop: Croatia, September 6 – 16, 2017!