Embrace Life Tours

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius

Are you ready to fully embrace life? To embrace life for me means embracing all of it, the happy times, the sad times, the frustrating time, and the scary times. It’s about learning how to find the beauty in the mess and living in deep appreciation of the preciousness of life.

Hi there! Carol CC Miller here and I’m excited to introduce you to my new adventure ‘Embrace Life Tours,’ where I’m taking love, kindness, compassion, and HUGS on the road. Whether the destination is nearby or a far off land, each tour will be designed to have fun, share some laughs, eat yummy food, meet new friends, learn from the locals, and spread some kindness through free hugs. Whether the trip has a dedicated positivity workshop included or not, you will have me for the duration of the trip to help you bring more love, kindness, and compassion to your life and to the location we are traveling. So if you are ready to live life in deep appreciation, then….LET’S GO!

I have teamed up with my friend and life lover, Loretta-Maria of Clean Travel Getaway to create magical experiences wherever we find ourselves in the world.  Loretta has been organizing trips for many years and we actually met on a destination trip. Together we will create experiences that will open your hearts, your minds, and your arms to living your life full out .

Embrace New Orleans – Christmas 2018.

Details coming soon.

Embrace Croatia – Fall 2019

Details coming soon.