dolphins versus sharks

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 Do you have people in your life who celebrate with you and hold that vision with you on living your dreams fully? You know, the people that when you share what you are up to they get excited for you and you leave that conversation even more pumped than when you started it? How about people who seem to try and negate your dreams and tell you all the ways it can’t happen?

I suspect you have both types of people in your life and you share with both of them. I heard this analogy years ago and use it in my life and when I coach others on who to share their dreams with and who to give less details.

In the water, when a dolphin is injured, other dolphins surround and protect the injured dolphin and help keeping it from harm’s way. When there is blood in the water (injury) sharks swarm and attack. Now I love both dolphins and sharks, so this analogy isn’t about dolphins being ‘good’ and sharks being ‘bad.’ Rather it’s about dolphins coming from love and sharks coming from fear.

As you think about, speak about and act upon living life fully, rather than sharing your dreams with everyone you know, share them with the dolphins in your life and share minimally with your sharks. Often your dolphins and sharks love you and want what’s best for you. However your dolphins can see your vision and hold it with you. They help you stay excited about your vision. Sharks feed on fear and would rather stop you from dreaming too big in case your dreams don’t come true. They want to keep you from getting hurt so they show you all the ways it can’t happen which often brings you into a space of fear.

So dive into living your life with deeper love, laughter, health, abundance and happiness as you deserve to live your life fully, we all do. Love up your dolphins and sharks while knowing the differences they bring to your life and go out there and LIVE.

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